Community Leaders partaking in the Leading Social Justice Fellowship Program

SAWRO would like to announce that three of our community women leaders are taking part in the Leading Social Justice Fellowship Program offered in partnership with the United Way Greater Toronto and the University of Toronto, School of Cities.

The community leaders, Syeda Sabiha Yesmin Shapla, Kishower Emma Laila, and Amena Husna Sweet will focus on building leadership capacities of precariously employed Bangladeshi immigrant women experiencing gender inequity in the Canadian labour market in the East Danforth neighbourhoods of Toronto. This includes generating awareness among community members and escalating structural issues for systemic changes by introducing new policies and reforming the existing policies.

“Our aim through this fellowship is to bring to light issues faced by migrant workers, involved in the precarious sector. Being armed with work experience in the human service sector, we have first-hand experience of race-based discrimination, therefore, using this platform we hope to help community women realize their full potential to live the promised Canadian life and raise the collective consciousness of those at the decision-making table.”

“This fellowship will help us to hone in our leadership skills, build community capacities, and help build confidence through institutional support. The fellowship will also offer us the invaluable opportunity to build and deepen networks and connections with other community partners and driven individuals working around immigrant settlement issues. Through this virtual learning format, the team will also be able to enhance technological capacity to communicate and motivate through online platforms and adapt with the changing times.”

South Asian Women’s and Immigrant’s Services (formerly SAWRO)