"If the women moves forward, the whole community moves forward"
~SAWRO Motto

Women leaders speaking out at the Breaking The Silence communtiy forum, where over 100 community women gathered to share their experiences.

The motto above was adopted by the SAWRO women at their founding meeting. It reflects SAWRO’s holistic understanding of our community’s problems and the lived experience of people in our community. It expresses that gender inequality is a block to the economic and civic progress of our community and that the economic insecurity and civic exclusion of our community’s people compounds gender inequality for our women and girls. This motto sets out our organization’s mission and vision which guides our program activities.

Since being created by a group of immigrant women living in the Oakridge-Crescent Town neighborhood and incorporated in 2008, the South Asian Women’s Rights Organization (SAWRO) has had two objectives:

  1. Alleviating the poverty experienced by many people in the community
  2. Increasing the participation of the community’s women and girls in Canadian economic, social, cultural and political life