A Community Based and Community Led Organization

A unique feature of SAWRO is that it is a community based organization led from top to bottom by women from the affected community. A stable Board of Directors made up entirely of women from the community takes legal responsibility for the corporate governance of SAWRO. The Executive Director and all but one of the corporate officers are also women from the community. All paid employees are recruited from among the many talented women living in the community. Officers submit reports and submit initiatives for approval monthly to both the Board of Directors and to Membership Meetings. This community led approach to governance ensures that SAWRO’s strategy and activities closely reflect the needs and concerns of the people living in its catchment area.

SAWRO was incorporated as a not for profit corporation in Ontario in January 2008. The Board and Membership has directed the Officers to begin making preparations for and governance adjustments for applying to the Canadian Revenue Agency for registration as a charitable organization with the purposes of alleviating poverty and promoting gender equality.

Our Board

Jinnat Basher
Board of Director Chairs

Ms. Basher has served as the Chair of the Board of Directors for 7 years. She worked as a teacher in Bangladesh for 15 years before emigrating to Canada. She currently works for the Toronto District School Board.

Anita Bhowmik

Before becoming a director, Ms. Bhowmik served as an advisory board member and worked in SAWRO’s administration and as a peer worker. Anita is currently employed in the financial services sector.

Syeda Sabiha Yesmin

Ms. Yesmin is a founding director of SAWRO, served as the membership secretary since 2011 and is a job search coach for DW jobnet. Ms.Yesmin has worked in the food service sector since coming to Canada in 2006. She is the founding president of the Unifor East Danforth Community Chapter.

Saleha Haji

Ms. Haji is a Chartered Accountant and has been in the field for over 10 years. She has experience working with other organizations serving South Asian in Toronto and Ontario. She is currently working as an Accountant with the Ontario Securities Commission.

Tabassum Tarana Rahim

Ms. Tarana has been involved with SAWRO since 2008 initially as Youth Leader and community animator. She is currently employed in the Health Care sector.

Committee Chairs

Sultana Haq Babli
Cultural Director

Rehanara Begum
Nominating Committee Chair

Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members are elected by the Membership for a one year term during the Annual General Meeting

Sultana Hassan
Rezwana Ava Zerin
Silmy Abdullah
Mohammad Alam
F Bellal Hossain
Thamina Akter Chowdhury

Karin Baqi
Mashiat Mimosa
Syeda Saira Begum
Zak Haq
Husna Amena Sweet
Mrs. Hurunnahar

Officers and Executive Committee

Corporate officers are elected by the membership for a one year term during the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Director, Secretary/Treasurer and the Membership Secretary constitute the executive committee responsible for managing day-to-day operations.

Executive Director:
Membership Secretary:

Sultana Jahangir
Syeda Sabiha Yesmin