Community resources

A key part of SAWIS’s day-to-day work is to carry out community education initiatives to ensure that the community’s immigrant women, seniors, and their families have access to the information, resources, and support needed for their overall well-being. Our organization arranges community education initiatives in a broad range of areas based on the needs of our clients and members. This includes community education initiatives on gender-based violence, financial empowerment for low-income adults, legal and settlement information sessions, employment and employability, and civic participation.

SAWIS organizes and works in partnership with service providers, legal clinics, equity-seeking, local professionals, and other groups supporting low-income adults and immigrant communities to deliver workshops and arrange community forums and group information sessions that are held both online and in-person.  

SAWIS staff and peer workers are working to ensure community women and their families can readily access information. We are currently working towards making this information available in an online format on our website (materials will be uploaded soon!).